5 Top Design Trends for Your 2016 Bathroom Build or Remodel

aeh-55 Top Design Trends for Your 2016 Bathroom Build or Remodel

When tackling a home remodel, most homeowners first devote their attention to kitchens and bathrooms. These rooms are among the most heavily trafficked, and renovations of them yield the greatest return on investment when the home is for sale.

The demand for bathroom remodels was strong in 2014 and 2015, and this trend is expected to continue through 2016. Today’s bathroom remodels aim to create an at-home sanctuary that is both functional and stylish.  If you are planning a bathroom renovation, here are five trends that experts predict will surge in popularity this year:

  1. Accessible showers: while an aging population may be the driving force behind an increased demand for accessibility measures, homeowners of all ages are demonstrating an interest in showers that feature seats, grab bars, and low or nonexistent curbs. Installing a seat or bench can transform the shower into a relaxing retreat, while stylish grab bars enhance ease of use. A low curb reduces the risk of tripping while stepping into or out of the shower. Some designs forego the curb altogether and extend the bathroom flooring into the shower, which simplifies cleaning and has the effect of making the entire room appear larger.
  2. Sustainability: in bathrooms, “green” design manifests not just in the water-efficient fixtures that are essential in the drought-stricken Southwest, but also with the incorporation of natural stone and wood elements. Beautiful as well as durable, materials like polished natural stone or marble may be used decoratively or functionally for fixtures such as tubs, sinks, or countertops. Homeowners are also incorporating nature into their bathrooms with the addition of plant life, ranging from a single green plant to entire walls covered in greenery. This trend adds color and fosters a Zen-like sense of harmony with the outdoors.
  3. Contemporary designs with geometric patterns: square-shaped and angular designs are currently popular, and homeowners are seeking to incorporate these styles into their bathrooms with geometric-shaped fixtures such as showerheads and even bathtubs. These designs are attractive in bathrooms of most styles, but fit best with the clean lines of modern or transitional-styled rooms.
  4. Black, white, and gray colors: while beige is no longer a popular color choice for bathrooms, black, white, and gray achieve the same starkly soothing effect and can be used to create a spa-like quality in the room. These colors are often used as a backdrop for more vibrant accent hues, such as turquoise or lavender. Popular finishes for faucets and cabinet pulls include brushed nickel, rose gold, and polished chrome.
  5. High-tech showers: technology plays a major role in most aspects of modern life, so it is unsurprising that it has worked its way into today’s trendy bathrooms. In 2016, homeowners are seeking to enhance their shower experience with LED lights, water-resistant systems for playing music, and Bluetooth-enabled water saving features.

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