Custom Home Building



Custom Home Building

Building Custom Homes in Arizona

At AEH Builders, we believe that your home is your sanctuary. It is an expression of your lifestyle, a shelter from the world outside, and a work of art. With over 10 years of construction experience under our tool belts (pun intended), we offer the expertise necessary to design and build your dream home from start to finish.We work with you closely at every stage of the process to ensure that the finished product reflects your vision. While we specialize in luxury homes, our talent extends to any size or style of home. To ensure only the finest craftsmanship, we carefully screen and monitor all of our subcontractors. We will only bring workers into your home if we would bring them into our own.We take a client-centered approach to the construction process, seeking to build relationships as well as structures. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, our team of professionals is accessible by phone, text, or email. The idea of building a custom home may seem overwhelming at first. To demystify the process, we will walk you through each stage, including:

  • Planning – we will learn every detail of your vision and estimate the time frame for the project, discuss options for financing, and explain any potential setbacks that may arise.
  • Addressing budgetary concerns
  • Selecting and collaborating with architects and subcontractors
  • Obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws

We will continue to provide support once you have moved into your new home.

Contact us today 480-442-2341 and receive up to $2,000 in free design work on your new home.