AEH Code of Conduct

An Extra Hand Building Services, LLC dba AEH Builders

This code of conduct is in effect while working on site with AEH Builders.

This code of conduct outlines the environment we will create for our clients.  Professionalism, courtesy and customer service seem to be a thing of the past.  At AEH we strive to revive the landscape of customer service.  What used to be common place in the market seems blurred if not lost.  As a joint partner on our projects, and what we hope is customary in your business, this document reminds us of higher standards of customer care.  This is an integral and required document for owners and technicians of subcontracted companies that wish to work on the projects we head up.  Owners will be expected to convey this code to any of their technicians on site.  We will seek feedback from the clientele to review everyone’s overall performance to include the standards of professionalism laid out here.  We are making great efforts to work with like-minded companies.  We hope you will join us.

Thank you for raising the bar in our industry!

  1. Any required licensing, bonding and insurance are current and in good standing.
  1. All subcontractors will uphold any and all regulations of homeowner associations governing the premises on which the work is being done. All fines incurred by trades will be deducted from final payment.
  1. All work must comply with city and state codes
  1. Unless otherwise specified, all tools and manpower to complete your scope of work is your responsibility.
  1. Subcontractor and/or their representatives will be on time, not more than five minutes past the scheduled time without sufficient notice.
  1. Subcontractor will communicate clearly, effectively, and politely with any owner, their representative, family or guests.
  1. Subcontractor and their representatives will dress appropriately for site work, that may mean uniforms or just a tidy appearance.
  1. Subcontractor and their representatives will be mindful of the words they use on the site, especially when clients are present. Specifically no cussing, coarse jokes or vulgar stories.  Definitions can be provided if necessary.  You should assume you are being recorded because you just may be.
  1. Smoking is not prohibited; however, it is expected that smoking is done away from structures. Smoke breaks are kept to a minimum and there is to be no smoking debris left on the grounds.  No alcohol or chewing tobacco on any site.
  1. It is expected that when working for AEH on any project, new private work will not be solicited from the customer, nor will their contact information be used for any marketing purposes of the subcontractor. If a client approaches the subcontractor about work outside of the agreed upon scope with AEH, the subcontractor will redirect them to contact AEH.
  1. All pricing on estimates are ONLY discussed with AEH. If you are on premises to measure, evaluate, or gather information for a quote, you are not to discuss prices with the customer.
  1. Subcontractors will be responsible to clean up after themselves daily, while thoroughly cleaning after the work is complete. This includes sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping down any and all affected surfaces.
  1. All conduct will reflect honesty, trustworthiness, integrity and character between the subcontractor and client as well as between the subcontractor and AEH LLC.

Any questions should be directed to Lance Holmes at:

Thank you!