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Spring Cleaning and More: Is Your Home in Prime Condition This Season?

Spring Cleaning and More: Is Your Home in Prime Condition This Season?

A change of seasons marks an opportunity to ensure that all the systems and components of your home are running AEH Builders Outdoor Livingsmoothly.  In Arizona, springtime heralds the arrival of rapidly climbing temperatures and summer monsoons on the horizon.  Both of these natural phenomena can have destructive impacts on your home, so it is particularly important for residents of the Phoenix area to take steps for preventive maintenance before summer begins.

Although some homeowners make the mistake of shying away from the upfront costs of preventive maintenance, such maintenance could potentially save thousands of dollars in the long run.  When a system or appliance malfunctions unexpectedly, the cost of emergency repairs or replacements may be staggering.  By maintaining your home well in advance of a problem, you will reduce the risk of these expensive unforeseen crises.

In order to avoid costly home repairs necessitated by the extreme weather of an Arizona summer, AEH Builders recommends that homeowners schedule the following maintenance procedures during the spring:

  • Clean and repair gutters. In preparation for the summer rains, it is important to check the integrity of your gutters.  Gutters that are loose, damaged, or clogged with debris may drain improperly, resulting in water damage to your home.
  • Patio repair. Over the next several months, you will likely be spending a great deal of time outside, particularly if you have a pool.  A patio that is in poor condition may detract from the outdoor living experience and could even create safety hazards.
  • Inspect your roof and repair it if necessary. Unfortunately, the intense sun that warms the desert throughout the year can have a damaging effect on roofs.  If your roof contains cracks or other imperfections, the torrential rains of monsoon season may cause leaks and other problems.  During the relatively mild weather of spring, make sure that your roof is in good repair and if necessary, seal cracks, replace damaged shingles or tiles, and clear any vegetation that may have accumulated.
  • Clean, repair, and install sun screens. Sun screens can help to keep your home cool as the hot summer sun beats down on it, so spring is a great time to install them or ensure that your existing screens are in mint condition.
  • Install or repair pools. Swimming pools provide a refreshing escape from the summer heat, so now is the time to consider installing one.  If you are fortunate enough to already have a pool, spring is the season to ensure that it is in perfect condition for summer fun by making any needed repairs or implementing a regular cleaning routine.
  • Change air filters. As you enjoy the fresh air outside, remember to keep the air inside your home clean.  While the frequency with which you should change your air filters varies depending on the environment within the home and your specific needs, cleaning or replacing them on a regular basis will help your AC system run efficiently and create healthier, more breathable air by reducing the amount of dust and allergens.

In addition to our custom building and remodeling services, AEH Builders offers home repair services to take care of all of the above maintenance issues and many more.  We offer a Home Maintenance Program with a variety of plans that may be tailored to suit your needs.  Learn more at or contact us at 480-442-2341!