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The Top 5 Outdoor Living Design Trends of 2016

Outdoor Living Phoenix AZThe Top 5 Outdoor Living Design Trends of 2016

While the backyard has long been recognized as an at-home oasis for relaxation, gathering, and communion with nature, this extension of the home has been taking on an increasingly important role in recent years.  Today’s homeowners are seeking to build fully equipped outdoor living areas that incorporate the comforts of the indoors and can be enjoyed year-round.  According to a landscaping trends study conducted by Houzz, homeowners cited the creation of  a place for entertaining and the desire to boost their property values as two of the most common reasons for pursuing backyard remodels.  In Arizona, where temperatures are conducive to outdoor living for most of the year, these projects are likely to deliver a positive return on investment.

As the weather grows warmer, backyard season is officially underway.  If you are thinking about creating or improving an outdoor living space for your home, consider these five trends that are popular this year:

  1. Fully functional kitchens. Over the years, the outdoor kitchen has evolved significantly from the humble grill that was once the centerpiece of backyard cooking.  When designing outdoor living spaces, today’s homeowners seek to minimize the number of trips darting to and from the house.  The solution is to develop built-in kitchens that incorporate many of the features found in their indoor counterparts, including sinks and refrigerators, sufficient cabinet space, and stoves.  More luxurious options include islands and even pizza ovens.
  2. Living areas equipped with furnishings and accessories that are resistant to the elements. Just as the living room or family room is the gathering spot of the home, no outdoor living space is complete without a comfortable area for relaxing with friends and loved ones.  Consider adding outdoor area rugs, artwork, and seating areas with comfortable yet durable cushions and pillows.
  3. Methods of adjusting the temperature. With even the most elaborate outdoor living spaces falling beyond the reach of heating and air conditioning, mechanisms for countering Mother Nature’s temperature spikes are essential for an enjoyable outdoor living experience.  Heat lamps, built-in fans, and misting systems will all extend the outdoor living season and help to ensure a comfortable backyard experience regardless of the weather.  Fire pits and fireplaces are especially popular choices for achieving this goal while also serving as cozy gathering spots.
  4. High-tech touches. Technology plays a role in nearly every facet of modern life, so it is unsurprising that today’s homeowners are seeking to incorporate it in their outdoor living spaces.  Features such as LED or solar lighting, automated sound systems that can be controlled from a smart phone, and high-definition TVs elevate the backyard to an impressive zone for entertaining.
  5. Native plants and edible gardens. Sustainability is a hot-button issue across the country and particularly in Arizona, where drought and water shortages are imminent threats.  Landscaping that is native to the area promises to conserve natural resources while reducing homeowners’ maintenance burdens.  In keeping with the eco-friendly theme, gardens featuring edible fruits, vegetables, and herbs have also increased in popularity.


At AEH Builders, we consider your outdoor living sanctuary to be just as important as any room in your home.  We specialize in the design and construction of built-in kitchens, hardscapes, and more, and can help you create a backyard space that is customized to suit your lifestyle.  Contact us today at 480-442-2341 to learn more about how we can make your outdoor living dreams come true!