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Why General Contractors?

AEH Builders, proudly offers professional contracting services for your home and your business. If you are looking to build a custom home, remodel your current home or only need minor repairs for now, call on AEH Builders. We handle many trades in house and hand pick our subcontractors so you know you are getting people who share our quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

So what’s the big deal about general contractors? Good question! One of many major benefits of hiring AEH Builders is that we will be there from start to finish of your project. A general contractor is the “eye in the sky” so to speak. We take on your project like it was our own. We will manage all of the subcontractors, be sure the work is being done per applicable codes and drawings, safety procedures are adhered to, which materials should be used and much more. We do everything in our power to complete the project on time and in budget, and, if need be, communicate any set backs. We manage your project for you so that you don’t have to.

So why choose us as your general contractor? Even better question! AEH Builders is the “eye in the sky” for your whole project, while paying attention to the details of your finished project. We are here for you from the very initial brainstorming idea to the completed masterpiece. We are a small family owned business, which hopefully conveys to you that we are invested fully in each and every one of our projects and take great care to serve each client. We have the strength of experience in trades and in contracting to back you up. Here is a list of services and benefits that are available when you choose us:



– custom home

– home addition

– remodel

– home maintenance

– home repairs

– new building or business

– franchise expansion

– tenant improvement

– building maintenance

– building repairs
Here are a few of the benefits you receive when using AEH Builders

– We give you the time we will show up or give the courtesy of a call if we will be late

– Getting more attention and better service for less cost than much of our competition

– Hand picked list of subcontractors who are screened and interviewed so we know they share the same philosophy as AEH Builders


We take pride in what we do, because our family counts on it. So the next time you need a general contractor, contact AEH Builders

We are building for YOU and building with YOU